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Preliminary calculation of the cost of rolled metal

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Preliminary calculation of the cost of rolled metal

Rolled metal products, regardless of the assortment and grade of steel or alloy, have shown a regular increase in value for more than 10 years, even taking into account the decline in production activity. That is why the choice of a supplier, its consumers are more and more careful, paying attention to the optimally affordable selling prices in accordance with the established parameters of GOST. In addition, calculate the weight of rolled metal online , which means the final cost (products independently from the assortment is sold in the "rub /t" format), it is possible even without engineering and technical education and complex computer software. This is how the calculation procedure looks like in practice.

Online calculator on the COPTMET website

As an example, we can take the calculation of the weight (cost) required for the construction of the frame of the metal structure of the volume of the profile steel pipe. The necessary parameters will need to be taken from the technological map (architectural design) of the facility being built. Algorithm of actions:

  • The official website of the metal trading company COPTMET - metal calculator page.
  • Selection of the assortment of the profile - pipe with a round cross-section.
  • Position - calculates weight (mass).
  • Technical parameters - grade of steel or alloy.
  • Dimensions - outer diameters and wall thickness, product length.
  • Calculate key.

The program will instantly calculate the weight according to the declared parameters. Using the online catalog, which indicates the cost of this assortment per kg, using the same calculator, the final price for the entire batch is calculated. All rolled metal presented on its pages complies with the GOST parameters and has quality guarantees from manufacturers.

The client only has to place an order and purchase in the corresponding section of the COPTMET Internet resource. Delivery of the purchased rolled metal to the address specified in the application by the buyer is carried out by the company's own transport. Deliveries are carried out in any volume with strict adherence to the agreed terms.

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