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Independent assessment of professional risks

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Independent assessment of professional risks

Legislatively approved occupational safety standards provide for employers and employees to comply with more than 40 acts, each of which contains requirements for compliance with specific occupational safety measures based on the results of an examination of occupational risks. A mandatory occupational risk assessment of any production process includes:

  • Study of factors that can influence the harm to the health of an employee.
  • Analysis of the consequences and the degree of probability of occurrence of life or health hazardous events.
  • Setting methods for preventing (warning) the occurrence of dangerous events.

Based on the data obtained as a result of the assessment, the employer must take all necessary measures to exclude or reduce the level of occurrence of occupational risks to acceptable limits.

Why do you need an independent assessment

Almost all large enterprises have a full-time position of a safety engineer, who is responsible for fulfilling the labor protection standards of workers. Due to the fact that this employee:

  • Has departmental subordination to the head of the enterprise and carries out his orders.
  • Can only identify existing facts of TB violations, but is unable to analyze and calculate the likelihood of threats to the life or health of a worker.

Conducting an independent risk assessment by specialists who specialize in this particular area and have extensive professional experience in fulfilling similar orders has become a mandatory norm.

You can get more detailed information and a preliminary consultation of an independent expert using the website of the Siberian Institute for Risk Assessment (SIOR). The resource presents an online test (available to everyone without any prior registration), the passage of which (the procedure will take a few minutes) will allow you to find out how urgently it is necessary to conduct an assessment of professional risks at a particular enterprise, taking into account the entry into force of 11 new legislative acts on protection Labor. You can conclude an official contract and order an assessment online directly on the website.

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