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Production and sale of light boxes

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Production and sale of light boxes

Capturing the attention of visitors with signage is a common practice used for advertising purposes. Often, special lightboxes are used, which are also a type of advertising signs. If you need light boxes to buy , you can contact the specialists of the First Advertising Company. They specialize in the production of various types of outdoor advertising.

Light box types: how to choose an option

Lightboxes are presented in several types of execution:

  • One-sided lightbox is a box that consists of two panels connected to each other. The back cover contains light elements and a power supply.
  • The
  • End light box has two advertising fields. It is attached to the building with its side so that the inscriptions on it are clearly visible to passers-by.
  • The
  • Textile light box is a kind of ultra-thin canvas on which all the necessary advertising information is placed. This is a new generation advertising structure that really deserves attention.

Also, light boxes are distinguished by the form of manufacture, the type of image application. So, based on the shape, they are rectangular, curly, or have an arbitrary shape. Depending on the type of application, the image is distinguished by acrylic, textile and others.

Where to order light boxes in Kiev?

The first advertising company offers a large selection of light boxes of different types. All products are supplied at affordable prices with a guarantee of up to 36 months. Services are performed within a clearly agreed time frame.

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