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Dry cleaning of bed linen

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Dry cleaning of bed linen

Every housewife is familiar with the procedure for washing and ironing bed linen. Today, there is a washing machine in almost every home. This saves a lot of time on washing. However, it can not always remove stains. Achieving impeccable cleanliness is not as easy as it seems. In this matter, dry cleaning ironing from the Chistimvse company is ideal. You can learn more about the company's services on the website.

Dry cleaning of bed linen

Sleeping on a spotlessly clean bed is the key to a sound and healthy sleep. Sometimes it is very difficult to achieve cleanliness of linen by independent efforts. For this, companies specializing in such services offer their services. For example, the company "Clean everything" offers a wide range of services in the direction of dry cleaning of linen. Among the features of ordering services here are:

  • Free visit and consultation of professionals.
  • Selecting the appropriate cleaning method for bed linen, taking into account the material of the product and the degree of soiling.
  • Payment upon receipt of work.
  • The use of environmentally friendly professional products and equipment for washing.
  • Affordable pricing policy.
  • Provision of bonuses and discounts for services.
  • Prompt execution of work.

The company's specialists will pick up, pack and deliver back clean bed linen. Services are provided around the clock. The client himself chooses at what time the set of bed linen should be delivered back.

Dry cleaning cost: service prices

For the convenience of customers, the site contains current prices for services. In a special table you can specify the price of dry cleaning of bed linen, mattress topper, pillows, tablecloths, blankets, furniture covers, bedspreads, etc. Both private and corporate clients can apply here. Your laundry will look not only clean, but also soft, fresh and perfectly ironed. In addition, the company's specialists carry out minor repairs of linen, bleach and deodorize if necessary. Video examples of specialists' work can be found on the website in more detail.

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