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Wheelchair lift booking

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Wheelchair lift booking

The company "Invalprom" specializes in the supply of wheelchair lifts and quality equipment. You can apply here if you need to buy a lift for the disabled . The company's specialists strive to satisfy the needs of both individuals and corporate clients. Let's get acquainted with the choice of the lift in more detail.

Choice of wheelchair lifts

  • Vertical models - for placement both indoors and outdoors.
  • Tilted models with many different options.
  • Chair lifts - used both in homes and in any public building.
  • Models for railway stations are reliable solutions that are designed for installation in railway stations.
  • Mobile crawler models provide an easy solution for people using stairs.

There are also many solutions for the disabled in the catalog of options - for the pool, ramps, handrails for the disabled, hidden lifts and others. So, with the help of a special device for the pool, you can organize water procedures. Ceiling structures allow a person to move according to a given trajectory. Hidden lifts are used to preserve the appearance of the building.

By purchasing ramps, you get reliable and proven solutions for long-term use, which combine simplicity and modern design, as well as are distinguished by impeccable aesthetic properties due to the use of noble materials.

Where to buy lifts?

The company's website contains a virtual catalog with models of lifting equipment. Having familiarized yourself with it, you can choose reliable and proven solutions with high performance properties. Stylish design, quiet operation, durability, anti-vandal performance, quality of structures make lifting equipment not only attractive, but also safe for use by people with disabilities. All models come in an affordable price range. Orders are carried out at clearly specified time periods. To clarify the details of cooperation, you can go to the site, contacting the specialists.

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