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Prestarting heaters of automobile engines Webasto

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Prestarting heaters of automobile engines Webasto

The technology of preheating the engine at subzero air temperatures was used in the last century at domestic motor depots. The car was parked at night next to a pipe directed to the engine sump. Warm air was supplied through it, which was forced through the pipeline by a compressor. Today, such a scheme is considered a complete archaism, and individual Webasto prestarting heaters are used for heating, which is started remotely or automatically by a timer signal. System kit webasto price with installation which does not exceed the costs associated with the costs of the car owner:

  • Fuel used to warm up the engine for a long time.
  • Medicines for colds caught as a result of driving in an unheated car.
  • For engine repairs, wear of rubbing parts during cold start increases hundreds of times.

Installed on any car brand, regardless of the power and type (diesel, injector) of the engine. At the same time, the Webasto systems themselves differ and are classified depending on the presence of certain additional options in them.

The principle of the preheater operation

A standard pre-heater for a car engine is a miniature boiler into which fuel is pumped, and the heat released during combustion heats the liquid circulating through its surface and then through the engine cooling system. Only in this case, it does not cool, but rather heats up the power unit. The power of the heater is selected depending on the volume of the engine and the climatic conditions of operation.

You can get more complete information about the types of Webasto preheaters and their technical characteristics using the website of the "KIBERCAR" company, which supplies, as well as professional installation. Registration for the installation of the selected version of the system is carried out directly on the resource. For a preliminary consultation, an option is provided for you to contact a technical manager, who will answer all the client's questions in a chat format or by phone.

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