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Sea containers: device characteristics, characteristics of choice


the Main components of a shipping container. Variety of packaging and features of options.

Sea containers: device characteristics, characteristics of choice

Sea container is a very practical packaging, which is designed for transportation of various cargoes. Transportation of goods such method allows to prevent spoiling the content, makes it easier loading and unloading.

what is in sea container

this container is Made of high strength steel Korjenevskoy. The container includes supporting elements, the upper and lower beams, hinged doors. In the last apply information about Tara – number, capacity, volume, time of manufacture. Now about classification.

Types of dry cargo containers

There are several basic types:

    • easy dry cargo containers;
      • open-top (open top);
        • hard-top (with hardtop);
        • bulk containers (adapted for transportation of bulk cargoes).

        they are divided also in size, but the most common are the variants with a length of 20 and 40 feet. There are other options, but they are used much less frequently – due to the custom sizes. Companies are reluctant to take such containers for transport and often ask for more money – as you have to rent a separate platform.

        each of the containers has all the characteristic design elements. With the exception of open-top, which is the hard top with a soft canvas awning. Buy on https://www.container-logistic.ru/, where a large range of such containers.

        what to look for when buying

        If you have decided to purchase a dry container for their needs, it is necessary to pay attention to the next part of the package:

          • the rubber seal on the hinged door (on their integrity depends the safety of the cargo during transportation in aggressive climatic conditions);
            • ribs (their deformation is not allowed);
              • fittings (the attachment must be intact, without any damage).

              Note that korenovskii steel rust almost not threatened, it makes the life of the container very long. As a floor covering in such a container is used the wood materials are covered with a special compound that protects against mold and mildew. The floor is corrugated, making it not slippery. If necessary, the flooring is easily replaced.

              twenty-foot models on the sides of the bottom are pockets, which are designed for easy transportation by a fork lift truck. On their forty-foot no – where to capture alloy fittings.

              Marine container is a durable container that guarantees safe shipping.

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