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What are hybrid bearings


The products represent a so-called intermediate option between classic and fully ceramic models.

What are hybrid bearings

Bearings serve as a support for almost any rotating shaft or other device. They are present in almost all mechanisms, from watches to turbines of hydroelectric power plants (the widest assortment is presented on the pages https://uzp.net.ua/ru/podshypnyky/ online catalog of the supplier, the company" UkrZakhidpostach "). The service life of the equipment completely depends on the quality and reliability of these devices, and the planned replacement is carried out according to the manufacturer's regulations and only for analog products:

  • By dimensional parameters.
  • By construction type.

So, hybrid bearings are used to ensure trouble-free operation of turbines rotating at ultra-high angular speeds. The products represent the so-called intermediate version between classic and all-ceramic models (hence the name - hybrid). Their design, regardless of type and size, looks like this:

  1. Product rings are made from traditional bearing steel grades.
  2. The movable ball or roller elements have a ceramic structure, of which silicon nitride (Si3N4) is an integral part.

This design principle of the device allows achieving high technical parameters - low weight, minimal thermal expansion during heating, corrosion resistance, low noise and vibration level, which leads to a long service life.

The main disadvantage of hybrid bearings

Due to the complexity of the production of hybrid bearings (for the manufacture of ceramic parts, special high-tech equipment is required), they are classified as scarce and supplied only by pre-ordered preliminary orders.

You can resolve the issue of an urgent purchase with the help of the UkrZakhidpostach company, which supplies this type of product under direct contracts with manufacturers. A large selection of models presented on the supplier's official website is already available in the warehouse and is released to the customer (sent through the delivery service) immediately after the purchase.

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