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Automatic thermostats for injection molding machines


More than a third of the final products in the form of parts or components made of polymer, including rubber-technical materials, are manufactured using equipment such as injection molding machines (TMA).

Automatic thermostats for injection molding machines


  • May be quite compact.
  • High performance.

But, they require strict adherence to all parameters established for the technological process. And among the main criteria is the maintenance of a given temperature of the liquid used to cool the products produced by the pressure smelting method. Any deviation can lead to distortion of geometric shapes or the formation of defects on the surface. To solve such problems, automatic thermostats for injection molding machines , which heat up and maintain coolant in the specified temperature conditions. These are the parameters according to which they are selected for a specific type of injection molding machine.

Classification of thermostats for injection molding machines

The main parameter is the volume of heated liquid, which the thermostat can simultaneously use to cool the cast polymer products, which means it is selected taking into account the performance of the injection molding machine itself. Another criterion is the type of fluid used in the thermostat, they are divided into 2 main types:

  1. Classic water - maintain the water temperature from 95 to 180 C degrees without any problems.
  2. Special oil - devices are designed to operate in temperature conditions from 150 to 300 C degrees.

By the type of their general design, thermostats can be open (for small injection molding machines) and closed (used to service machines with high performance).

You can get more detailed information and choose the best thermostat option, taking into account the characteristics of the injection molding machine, using the official website of the KOSMEK company, which designs, manufactures and supplies them according to the orders of its customers. The equipment is assembled and put into operation by the company's employees on a turnkey basis with a guarantee of the quality of the work performed.

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