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How credit can change your life

Финансы и Кредиты
How credit can change your life

Loans have already become such a commonplace that people who do not have any debt are already surprising. Advertisements and statements about financial problems have become commonplace. And immediately a solution to "all problems" is proposed - getting a loan . It all sounds tempting, money right away, but pay in installments and small amounts. But do not get euphoric.

Inconvenient questions for people living on credit

A few facts about loans that can radically change your life, both for the better and for the worse.

  1. It is important to understand that there are useful loans and there are toxic ones. The first group includes funds taken in order to increase them. Simply put, this is money for a business, or for any investment that will bring profit in the future. And the second group includes loans that do not generate income. These include - phones on credit, cars on credit, etc. Not only is there an overpayment, but the joy of these things will fade away faster than the end of payments.
  2. Only a competent investment of loans will help to avoid financial ruin. First you need to understand why you need it. It is important to calculate the financial ability to repay loans. Here's an example: a person bought a car on credit. Everything seems to be gorgeous, the salary allows you to pay without delay. But trouble happens - layoffs at work. There is nothing to pay, they start with calls from the bank , and as a result, the car is sold. And at the current level of inflation, the car will only lose in price. This is not a smart investment. Such a loan, many experts consider toxic and unjustified.
  3. Another example. The man took out a loan to buy an apartment at the stage of the foundation pit. In any case, the price of an apartment will increase, and even inflation will not keep pace with the price of an apartment under construction. Even with financial problems, it will be quite easy to sell such an apartment, and there is always a chance to stay in the black. This is a smart investment.
  4. It is worth accepting that the money will have to be paid anyway. Some people think that they are smarter than others, and may try to write off all debts legally - bankruptcy proceedings. But only a legally savvy person understands the consequences. As a result, after years, the money will still be returned. There is no getting away from this, and there is nowhere easier to slide down.
  5. Credit is such a thing that is not taken "by chance". You need to know every penny where to attach. Otherwise, there is no benefit from him like a goat of milk. The plan should be as perfect as possible. John Rockefeller is a good example. He started his own business, investing 200 thousand. Credit and created an empire. His plans were just perfect and literate. He knew where to invest every dollar, so that he would get 5. Another example, a guy took out a loan for a business and, not having a clear plan of action, went into deep debt. As a result, the following happened - I had to sell almost everything to pay off. The advice from this is very simple - you always need to think 5 steps ahead, and predict by 10. And then, any loan will be useful, and it is he who will begin to change life for the better.

Author: Savchenko Tatiana - financial analyst, specialist

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