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Basic principles of laser metal cutting

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Progressive technology for laser cutting of metal is actively expanding the scope of use. Having studied described in the article the basic principles and features of the machining process, it is possible to accurately determine the benefits of its use.

Basic principles of laser metal cutting

the Process of metal cutting is being improved every day. Scientists, engineers, technologists are developing new approaches for accurate and efficient work on the production of complex elements, items, shapes with different materials. One of such approaches was the use of laser cutting, allowing you to create the perfect in their form and effective power-metal.

Blanks can be directly used in production, without the need for additional edging or getting the right size. Also with the help of laser cutting creates products for private use gates, decorative elements, benches, etc.

Features metal cutting with laser

cutting Technology is a process in which a focused laser beam is concentrated on a small area of the surface. Next is the melting, burning, evaporation and the blowing of the molten material by the gas stream. High power machine allows you to create a treated area of considerable energy, causing the metal in the required state of destruction. Management process is a computer program, due to which there will be mistakes or errors in the dimensions of the workpiece.

Edge is free of defects, marriage, boasting smooth edges that do not require further processing. The basic principle of laser cutting non – contact impact, which prevents possible deformation of the metal, as it happens in other alternative methods of cutting. The laser beam creates local heating at the surface, which absorbs this radiation and reaches the melting temperature. Further, the material simply evaporates under the influence of the active gas.

Technology metal cutting laser in the details

This approach to cutting sheet metal is performed with the use of modern, high-tech equipment. In industrial plants machines use solid state, gas, fiber type. Regardless of the type of the machine and its components are the nodes the following purposes:

    • creation and transmission of radiation;
      • security management;
        • coordinate the movement of the beam and parts;
          • emitter.

          the Main feature of this technology is that best the laser cuts metal thickness up to 20 mm. the thickness of brass, aluminum and its alloys, stainless steel up to 50 mm. sheet metal more than 20 mm is advisable to use plasma cutting.

          Based on the technical characteristics of the process of cutting material by laser, one should highlight the main advantages:

            • High accuracy of sizes, shapes of products of any complexity.
              • Quick process.
                • energy Efficiency.
                  • to Minimize waste.
                    • Lack of contact and the contact of the beam with the surface, which gives the opportunity to work with fragile products.

          with these properties and features this service has become popular and economically beneficial not only in construction, gas industry, mechanical engineering and other fields. Metal cutting laser is actively progressing in the manufacture of advertising signs, shop fittings, decorative items. Individuals and small businesses use the services of companies working on this technology. To substantiate this can affordable price, high precision products, ability to create unique, individual orders. Get acquainted with the principles of the laser cutting for different needs on the company website Ezerex. The team of professionals works by using the newest, progressive technologies, modern equipment, so not a problem for them to implement any project of the customer.

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