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Parimatch legalization

Parimatch legalization

A sensational scandal in the media recently erupted around the bookmaker Parimatch. Eduard Schwindlerman legalization - read about this news further. You will learn what the situation looks like from the inside and what Ukrainian disinformation is.

How Parimatch takes Ukraine hostage

On the net you can find a lot of information with headlines about the bookmaker's office, which is headed by Eduard Schwindlerman. At the same time, the essence of the information boils down to the fact that a well-known bookmaker is going to take power over politicians. According to rumors, the entire gambling business should go to his board after legalization.

By typing in a search engine queries on the topic of a bookmaker's office, you can find data on the pressure on the holding through the airline's flight attendants. Like, the Parimatch company, connecting flight attendants, sends messages to parliamentarians. An eyewitness, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he had heard the stewardess say the following information: "The Ukrainian gambling business should be subordinate to the Parimatch company."

But how does the situation with the bookmaker and the entire gambling market actually look like? The help of experts in this matter is simply necessary. It is difficult for the reader to determine for himself how true the information presented is. And to make it easier, you need to understand who is the original source of the news, whether he can be trusted. It is important to find additional materials on the topic in other publications. At first glance, the sources that posted the information are highly questionable. This can be understood by the quality of the texts. They are far from the standards of journalism. This manifests itself in the absence of fact-checking, excessive judgment and other criteria.

Fact checking will allow you to make your own adjustments. After it, you can decide whether to believe the unverified information received from unscrupulous journalists. Why are articles written in such an absurd format? In most cases, this is done to increase coverage. It is unlikely that anyone will believe what has been written, but the article will be read. Therefore, the primary goal is to increase the number of views.

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