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Simple online casino games


Simple fast online casino games - a list of the most popular entertainment. Find out how to quickly get a win and a simple and understandable game, tactics and strategies for winning.

Simple online casino games

Players do not always have a desire to delve into the complexity of poker, baccarat, or even slot machines. Sometimes you want to be distracted by something simple. To do this, Ukrainian online casinos will offer simple games for money ... Some of them are familiar to us almost from childhood.


Who among us has never played rock-paper-scissors or resolved a dispute in this way? The meaning is known to everyone, but we recall: the stone destroys (wins) the scissors, the scissors cut the paper, and the paper covers (wins) the stone. The chance of winning is 50/50.


In an online casino, the game is controlled by an RNG (computer). The position of the hands can be selected automatically, or you can click with the mouse on the corresponding picture.

Secrets of Victory

To slowly but surely increase your capital, we recommend using any popular progression - for example, the Fibonacci sequence or the Martingale system. Start with small bets and then increase them, but do not forget to control your bankroll.

Heads /Tails

This is an equally popular game that was especially in demand among the hussars. In front of her, everyone is equal, because the thrown coin will surely fall either heads or tails, depending on how Lady Luck decides. The game really captivates everyone who tries it. And even though she has moved to the virtual world, this does not diminish our excitement and excitement.

Secrets of Victory

Start with small rates and gradually increase them. Just remember that with this strategy you must constantly bet on one thing (either constantly on Heads, or constantly on Heads).


Lotteries have long moved from TV screens to online casinos. Ukraine holds such draws several times a day, and even every 5 minutes on large sites. In some lotteries, we watch live how the dealer takes balls from the lottery drum and selects the numbers. There are lotteries where the numbers are chosen by a computer program.

Guess the number

Another simple game that does not require mental effort and complex tactics. Here you have to choose a live opponent - the same lover of games on the Internet, and place your bets. The opponent thinks of any single-digit number, and you guess it. In this case, the correct result will bring you a win in three times the amount of your bet. This means you can get rich quick - if, of course, today is your day.


War is perhaps the simplest game we can find in an online casino. There is only one rule here: more wins, fewer losses. Your opponent can be a computer or a live dealer.

Game Rules

Let's briefly describe the rules of the game.

  1. First, the player and the dealer receive one card each.
  2. The winner is the one with the higher value card.
  3. If the client and the dealer receive the same cards, the player can “go to war” or surrender.
  4. The second option assumes that you will lose half of your bet.
  5. If a player wants to "go to war", the rate is automatically doubled. The dealer deals three cards face down and one card face up to the player and himself.
  6. If your face up is stronger than the dealer's card, you win the initial and additional bet.
  7. If the dealer has the highest value card, you lose everything.
  8. If the face up cards have the same value, then you win an amount equal to two additional bets and one original.

If you like risk, you can bet Tie Bet, or bet on a draw. In this case, the winnings will be 10 times the stake (if, of course, there is a draw).

What else to try

We have described a couple of simple online casino games. Ukraine will offer dozens of other interesting options - Bones, Aviator, Lottery, Wheel of Fortune, etc. All these games are available in free versions. So try and get inspired for future victories.

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