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Online casino Slotoking is a gaming portal with a long history

Online casino Slotoking is a gaming portal with a long history

The Slotoking virtual club, a gaming portal with a long history of this popular institution among domestic users, is known for its exciting tournament competitions, which are held with an enviable regularity for competitors. Any client who has passed a full-scale registration and has issued a personal account can take part in them, thus confirming the data provided for moderation. It should be noted that they are funded by donations courtesy of:

  • Sponsored and advertised.
  • Developers of software for electronic gaming devices.
  • By casino owners to increase the attractiveness of the competition.

Information about the launch date of the next such competition, the conditions and rules for submitting an application for participation, as well as the size of the prize fund, can be found in the news section of the main page of the SlotoKing casino's official website https://aid.org.ua/ or from an email newsletter. E-mail messages are sent to all clients who have subscribed (activated) this option.

Benefits of participating in tournament competitions

The rules of tournament competitions in Slotoking - licensed casino for hryvnia in Ukraine (for users with Ukrainian IP addresses of their computer devices) have their own characteristics and should be carefully studied before applying for participation, for example:

  • Gaming sessions are held on the slot models indicated in the list of eligible for the competition.
  • The player must have a certain amount of funds on the deposit before starting.
  • The participant must comply with the minimum bet requirements.

The winner is the client with the most points (tournaments can be held for several days) for the agreed time of the competition. Points are awarded for active play, and not for the amount of money won. It should be noted that the distribution of prizes is democratic:

  • Information on the positions of the participants for the entire period of the competition is freely available on the SlotoKing Club portal.
  • The number of winners can be from 10 to 50 players with the appropriate (pre-agreed) distribution of the prize pool between them.

So, enjoying the gambling game in pursuit of a successful combination of symbols on the reels of the electronic slot, you can stay in the black (even without winning anything), becoming the winner of the tournament competition.

Play with a mobile gadget

Having become a participant in a multi-day tournament competition held in SlotoKing casino, it is not at all necessary to spend all this time at the computer table. You can enter the virtual hall of the establishment using a mobile gadget. The resource can be easily launched online even on outdated Android or iPhone models with any browser operating system and minimum technical parameters. In case of problems related to the activation of the gaming device, you must contact the technical support service of the club. A chat specialist will help you make the necessary adjustments to the settings based on your phone model.

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