What is PPE safe?


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is an item that protects against various hazards in the workplace. These include protective clothing, helmets, goggles, gloves and other items.

What is PPE safe?

Companies must always be confident that the health of their workers is safe at all times on an industrial or construction site. Listed below are personal protective equipment that you must provide to all your physical workers.

1. Head protection

Hard hats are needed to prevent possible head injuries. Head protection includes protective helmets and caps that protect against falls or flying, as well as helmets that protect against temperature and hazardous chemicals.

2. Eye protection

To prevent loss of vision and any other damage to the eyes or face from potential burns, splashes, flying objects and chemical sprays, you need safety glasses, visors, helmets and face shields.

Z. Hearing protection

There are many hazards to hearing when operating loud equipment, so there are PPE specifically designed to provide hearing protection.

4. Protection of forearms and hands

PPE for hands includes protective gloves, sleeves that protect hands from potential burns, cuts, abrasions, chemical burns, fractures, shocks, radiation, electricity and amputations.

5. Protection of legs and feet

To ensure adequate protection for workers' legs and feet, it is necessary to provide knee caps and proper footwear for the various working conditions.

6. Body Protection System

Includes full body clothing and equipment: safety vests, protective pants, aprons, overalls, boiler suits, and various chemical suits. Designed to protect the body from damage.

7. Respiratory protection

Respiratory protection is a type of PPE https://getsiz.com/, designed to protect the lungs from various atmospheric hazards such as gas, dust, powder, vapors, smoke, vapors, and other hazardous materials.

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