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Drilling technologies and drilling rigs Geomash


The Geomash company is a manufacturer of drilling equipment, in the park of which there are installations for any drilling methods: small-sized installations: BBU-000, BBU-001; self-propelled: MBU, PBU-2, LBU-50-30, UGB, URB-210; Get a consultation call

Drilling technologies and drilling rigs Geomash

Drilling technology largely determines the productivity and efficiency of drilling operations. Therefore, the development of technological modes should be given considerable attention. The selected drilling mode, first of all, must ensure the receipt of high-quality engineering-geological material. Drilling modes should be set in accordance with the recommendations of the reference literature, which summarizes the long-term domestic and foreign experience of drilling wells in various mining and geological conditions. At the same time, it is necessary to study and take into account the achievements of research and production organizations, as well as our own practical experience in the production of drilling operations.

Features and benefits of different drilling methods

Currently, as noted earlier, the following drilling options are used in surveys: core drilling, percussion rope, auger with the selection of the monolith in the magazine augers. Each of these drilling methods has its own characteristics, advantages and its own field of application.

Column drilling with water, mud or air blast are some of the most common well construction methods.

There are such types of core drilling: diamond and carbide rock cutting tools. Approximately 70% of all core drilling operations in Russia are done with carbide bits.

The advantages of core drilling: versatility, that is, the creation of wells in any type of soil; the possibility of obtaining a core; relatively high drilling highs; a variety of drilling equipment, both self-propelled and portable.

The disadvantage of core drilling, if we take into account the possibility of its widespread introduction in engineering surveys, is the small diameter of drilling, which often does not allow for hydrogeological studies, obtaining a high core recovery, and taking high-quality samples for the laboratory.

A type of core drilling is the so-called "pumpless" drilling, which has found application in engineering surveys. It is used mainly when drilling wells up to 30 m deep, when it is necessary to obtain a large percentage of core recovery, as well as when it is difficult to provide drilling rigs with water. "Pumpless" drilling (with the staggering of the drill), as a rule, can be used in non-rocky and semi-rocky formations with the obligatory presence of a liquid column in the well.

Often, core drilling is carried out "dry", that is, without water supply and without moving the drill.

Auger well drilling is a type of rotary drilling. Advantages of the screw method: high mechanical speed of drilling, low time consumption for collection and analysis and auxiliary measures; the possibility of coring when using hollow (store) screws; relatively large drilling diameter (up to 500 mm), as well as the fact that the auger method does not require water for flushing; disadvantage: high power consumption and limited area of ​​application, difficulty in conducting high-quality geological documentation. The auger method can be used only in the absence of large boulders in the sediments, as well as when drilling shallow wells up to 50 meters.

Geomash is a manufacturer of drilling equipment , which has rigs for all types of drilling:

- small-sized units: BBU-000, BBU-001;

- self-propelled: MBU, PBU-2, LBU-50-30, UGB, URB-210;

- as well as rotary drilling rigs such as urb 25, urb40;

- drilling tool

For advice from a drilling equipment specialist, please contact our sales department:

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