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Chrome pipes - differences, application

Chrome pipes - differences, application

Chrome-plated pipes today have become in demand in various areas. The protective layer is reflected in the characteristics of products. Products are of particular interest in the trade segment after the advent of modular systems.

Distinguishing features

The usual pipe rolling is always in high demand. There is no need to doubt the strength of steel alloys. However, it is necessary to take into account the reaction with long-term negative effects.

Constant humidity, temperature changes, ultraviolet light form corrosion and microcracks. The reproduction of fungi and mold contributes to the destruction of the metal structure.

For protection purposes, galvanizing is often used. Only applying chrome on pipes helps solve other important problems at the same time. An additional layer is obtained after placing the pipe in galvanic containers, by chemical or diffusion methods.

A reliable connection occurs down to the atomic level. The thickness of the layer is reflected in the flexibility parameters. Appearance becomes more elegant. The surface is matte with milky shades. Glossy with a mirror reflection looks more impressive.

In its updated form, the pipe does not react to negative impacts. Able to withstand an aggressive environment without consequences.

Application and trade equipment

The finished chrome-plated product will have improved wear resistance and strength coefficients. The service life can easily exceed 50 years. Rolled metal will be needed in different areas:

  • carry out construction operations;
  • produce marine vessels, refrigerators, cars, motorcycles;
  • used in furniture production.

Modular systems with a certain specialization deserve special attention. Instead of ready-made kits, entrepreneurs can assemble commercial equipment on their own.

The area of ​​the store allows you to divide the territory into hot and cold zones. The division into points is necessary for the rational placement of departments and increasing sales. Squeezing the finished kit is quite difficult due to standard sizes.

Modular chrome equipment can avoid such incidents. Elements are added to the pipes to fix reliable structures. After selecting the shape, the height and length are adjusted.

In online mode, just go to the site of online stores. Select the required components in the catalog sections. Get a discount when placing an order and specify the delivery time.

The assembly will allow you to arrange a variety of showcases, racks, shelving, author's installations, exhibition stands. Hang shelves, panels, mirrors. Use floor hangers and furniture (tables, chairs, armchairs, poufs, tables, cabinets). Build fitting rooms and carts.

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