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Land privatization


Privatizing land is a rather laborious task. As a rule, it is not fast in terms of timing. Therefore, be patient.

Land privatization

The dream of many people is to have their own land plot, which you can use at your own discretion. For some it would be important to build their own house or start a business, and for someone to grow a garden or vegetable garden. However, buying land in our time is a rather expensive undertaking. For Ukrainian citizens, according to the law, the right to receive a land plot is granted free of charge. We are talking about such a popular concept as free privatization ... Let's understand all the features of this concept.

How to privatize land according to Ukrainian legislation?

The term free privatization implies the transfer of land for use to a citizen without having to pay money. As we can see, this is beneficial in all respects. However, it is necessary to prepare a number of documents and perform some work. In this case, you must pay for a number of services when preparing documentation.

Highlights of land privatization in Kiev

If there are any squatter structures on the territory, they must be legalized. The privatization methodology consists of the following main stages:

  • Issuance of a permit for the development of a land acquisition project.
  • Conducting geodetic survey.
  • Preparation and approval of technical documentation.
  • Obtaining a cadastral number and submitting documents to the session of the Kiev State Administration.
  • Registration of ownership.

To make the privatization process quick and easy, it is necessary to prepare a list of documents. The services are performed by experienced engineers, lawyers and surveyors. It should be noted that the privatization of land is a rather laborious task. As a rule, it is not fast in terms of timing. Therefore, you should be patient. What can affect the timing of land privatization? For example, the deadlines can be delayed due to the introduction of various changes to the Ukrainian legislation.

If you need to privatize a land plot, you can contact the "Global Bud Ukraine" company. The company's specialists have the necessary level of experience for privatization in Kiev and the region.

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