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Sales on incoming calls

Sales on incoming calls

How do leads from potential customers turn into leads?

When considering the concept of telephone sales, they usually refer to outgoing calls, implying that with incoming calls, when the client himself calls, is interested, orders, no skills and knowledge are required. And this is the main mistake. Inbox sales don't happen automatically without some effort on the part of the company. An incoming call is not a lead yet, but only an interested client. A few minor mistakes in telephone communication are enough, and now an interested buyer turns into a lost one.

If you notice that potential buyers and consumers often call your company, your employees communicate with them, but there is no conversion, i.e. sales after the conversation should not be, then this is a reason to think - is it time to entrust the sales of incoming calls to professional call center operators? In practice, the answer is yes.

How are sales on incoming calls made?

In general, the sale on incoming calls is carried out as follows:

  • A "warm" client calls the company (in fact, the call center), clarifies questions of interest on availability, current prices and promotions, on the characteristics of specific goods.
  • The operator answers all questions related to the sale, advises if necessary, communicates in such a way that the client feels "care", friendly attitude, and not a desire to just sell a product or service.
  • The client confirms the order by telephone, and the operator enters the information into the appropriate form of the CRM-system or other system.
  • The sales order is being processed by the customer.

When the project is launched, conversation scripts are developed and agreed upon. The operator, of course, must inspire confidence, conduct communication in such a way that the client feels friendly help, but the observance of the rules of business communication and the conversation in the "client's language", adopted in a particular company, should come first.

Who needs inbox sales?

The service will be required by those companies and organizations that sell goods and services through various channels (offline stores, online stores, remote services, etc.), but confirmation of applications, as a rule, is carried out over the telephone.

Also, inbound sales will be required if the company's office is open on certain days of the week and time, and requests may arrive outside of working hours. In this case, operators communicate with subscribers, accept applications and transmit requests through CRM, and the customer's employees consider and process them already during working hours. Of course, in such a case, you can leave online registration of applications, contact via e-mail, instant messengers, but sometimes buyers or consumers, not finding feedback, decide to contact competitors.

If the flow of requests is large, and our own employees cannot cope with it, then “hot” and “warm” customers also may not wait for an answer and turn to competitors.

In general, inbound sales can be required by any business in order not to lose customers and maintain their loyalty.

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