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Manufacturing of parts from aluminum


Features of services for the production of large batches of aluminum parts.

Manufacturing of parts from aluminum

Custom-made aluminum parts

Aluminum parts are widely used in almost all sectors of the economy. The LLC PROVERT company is a direct manufacturer of rolled metal products based on non-ferrous metals. Today we offer services such as manufacturing custom-made aluminum parts . Aluminum is used in many leading industries, including the automotive, petrochemical and light industries. Especially in production such qualities of aluminum as corrosion resistance and low weight are in demand in comparison with other metals. All aluminum products lend themselves well to mechanical processing and have a long service life.

Advantages of aluminum products

For all the time of its work, PROVERT LLC has established itself as a reliable supplier of only high-quality metal products. Today, the company's services include a full range of milling and turning operations. It is possible to conclude contracts for long-term cooperation. Compared with other metals, aluminum has unique physical and mechanical properties:

  • High resistance to corrosion.
  • Long service life.
  • Good machinability.
  • Do not accentuate harmful substances.
  • Light weight.

Affordable prices are one of the advantages of the company. Aluminum is a fairly cheap material that does not rust and withstands high temperature drops. Manufacturing custom-made parts is very cheap. All products undergo strict quality control with subsequent certification.

Production Features

Production of serial parts includes a set of such works like cutting and bending using the most modern equipment. The production uses the latest CNC-controlled machines, sheet bending machines and special hydromechanical equipment. A wide range of processing equipment allows you to do all types of turning work. It is possible to manufacture products of any complex shape according to individual sizes. Many aluminum alloys such as D16T, Amg are capable of withstanding huge torsional loads, no worse than alloy steel. At the same time, the weight of finished structures is reduced by 60%. Light weight and high anti-corrosion properties of aluminum are widely used in the automotive industry.

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