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Drain couplings MS: production and delivery


MC drain couplings are available in different diameters ranging from DN 20 to 100 mm. The designers have put in this solution a sufficient safety margin

Drain couplings MS: production and delivery

MS drain clutch is a simple and effective solution for gas stations, oil refineries, oil depots. It allows you to quickly and reliably dock the tanker sleeve with the tank's fuel line. The junction is sealed and allows you to drain or pump liquid petroleum products without loss.

Such devices are specially designed to improve the efficiency of the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex. Their competent use leads to a significant reduction in the time spent on acceptance or shipment. Thanks to the successful design, fuel spillage is minimized. At the same time, the fire safety of facilities increases, and there are fewer complaints from environmentalists.

MS drain couplings produced by Khimmashneftekomplekt reliable assembly. The company has vast experience in the production of equipment and components for critical industries, and its specialists understand all the subtleties of operating such units.

Technical characteristics of drain couplings MS

MC drain couplings are produced in different diameters in the range of DN from 20 to 100 mm. The designers have laid in this solution a sufficient safety margin, however, keep in mind: these couplings are designed for operating pressures in the system up to 0.25 MPa.

As for the climatic version, the manufacturer has provided 3 most common options:

  • for operation in cold and temperate climates (UHL);

  • for regions of the temperate climate zone (U);

  • for dry and humid tropics (T).

Delivery of drain couplings MS

The manufacturing company "Khimmashneftekomplekt" is ready to carry out complex deliveries to your facility exactly on time. Order any number of couplings and the required batch will be reserved for you. Delivery is carried out to any regions of Russia and the CIS countries. The safety of the cargo is ensured without fail, since the plant works only with trusted transport companies.

Please note that along with MC couplings, Khimmashneftekomplekt produces dry connector couplings MCR. Therefore, you always have the opportunity to choose the optimal design and characteristics of the unit. Contact the manufacturer for any questions: they will gladly advise you on the technical features of the units, current prices, terms of cooperation.

Contact phone: +7 (499) 380-83-81

E-mail: [email protected]

Official site: hmnk.ru

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