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KB "South" was shown in Dubai lunar module (Video)


Design Bureau of "South" at the Dubai Airshow 2019 presented conceptual design of the lander that can be used to search for minerals on the moon.

KB "South" was shown in Dubai lunar module (Video)

Conceptual design of the family flew the lunar landing vehicle (LPA) submitted to the CB "South" at the Dubai Airshow 2019, has become a real highlight of the exhibition Yuzhnoye SDO on the 16-th International aerospace exhibition.

the Project was developed for studies of the Lunar surface and the Earth's natural satellite payload weighing up to 150 pounds with the possibility of three times of flights with scientific equipment. In the future, this opens new opportunities for scientific research activities, exploration activity on the moon.

2019 At the Dubai Airshow for the first time a model of LPA in the scale of 1:5, manufactured CB "South" with the use of additive technologies.

Lunar lander-hopper capable after landing on the lunar surface for three "jump" for a distance of 20 km, carrying with them scientific equipment, and perform at each point of landing research.

CB "South" is focusing not only on existing projects but also intensively provides promising scientific and technical developments, which should ensure stable future of the enterprise, the full implementation of its scientific and technical potential and ensure the creation of a modern Ukrainian space technology based on advanced technical solutions.

State enterprise "Design Bureau "southern" them. M. K. Yangelya" is one of the most famous and internationally recognized scientific and design companies in the development of rocket and space technology.

the efforts of the team CB "South" and the partner organizations was created nine types of space launch vehicles, which produced about 500 runs are plotted the orbits of more than 1,100 spacecraft.

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