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Conditions for traders at Evotrade

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Conditions for traders at Evotrade

Experienced traders are well aware of the importance of choosing a reliable broker for successful financial activity. Evotrade , providing brokerage services in an online format, is worthy attention already by the fact that it has been active since 2010. The terms of cooperation are also quite "decent" for her ordinary clients. This is what every user who has entered into an agreement can count on, regardless of the volume of transactions carried out by him through a broker of financial transactions.

Modern electronic trading platform and loyal conditions

It should be noted at once the condition that interests many traders who choose a reliable broker for themselves. The minimum first deposit to trade with Evotrade is only $ 10. At the same time, rubles or Euros can also be used to conduct transactions. Buying or selling the denomination of the currency pair selected by the trader from the list can be carried out:

  • With a leverage of 1: 200.
  • With a minimum order of 0.01.
  • With a spread of 0.3 pips.

All clients are provided with the most advanced trading platform Meta Trader 5 to conduct transactions. At the same time, traders can additionally install platforms in a mobile format and use them through gadgets using a single personal account. The speed of response to the commands of traders to close or open deals is quite high and does not cause criticism from analysts. Clients can carry out financial transactions in an online format regardless of their geographic location.

Evotrade Dossier

You can get acquainted with the real Evrotrade dossier for 2021, which was compiled by professional financial experts, using the independent information portal IAFT (International Union of Forex Traders). All data presented on its pages are verified and taken from official sources. The site also contains reviews of "live" clients (former and current) of the Evotrade broker. Access to the resource for review is free and does not require preliminary registration.

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