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Hot-rolled sheet metal

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Hot-rolled sheet metal

Sheet metal, which is manufactured using the technology of rolling billets heated to a certain temperature through special shafts and pressing devices, is in rather high demand. Affordable cost and high technical characteristics of this assortment make it possible to manufacture a variety of competitive products from it. You can get acquainted with the types and parameters of hot-rolled steel using the online catalog https://nn.rusmetprom.ru/metalls/prokat-goryachekatanyy/ of the company "RUSMETPROM", which supplies it from large metallurgical enterprises. When choosing, one should be guided by the following parameters of its classification.

Classification of sheet metal

Hot-rolled metal products are supplied by manufacturers in two types. In sheet format (thick sheet), sheets are packed in bundles. In rolls, if the assortment has a small thickness (thin sheet). In addition to dimensional parameters, mandatory technical characteristics are:

  • Steel grade used in production.
  • Compliance with certain criteria of GOST in terms of size and manufacturing technology.
  • Accuracy class, "A" - high and "B" - normal.
  • Surface quality, which depends on the processing method used by the manufacturer (for example, matt, roughened or etched).

Sheet metal can be supplied by the manufacturer with an already processed (cleaning, grinding) or unprocessed end edge. This indicator is also indicated in the technical description and passport for the batch of products.

The specificity of the dimensions and dimensions of sheet metal products causes certain difficulties with its transportation, as well as loading and unloading. This requires special transport and lifting equipment.

Any assortment presented in the online catalog of the RUSMETPROM company can be purchased with the possibility of ordering the delivery of material to the address specified by the customer. Due to the presence of a network of our own modern metal depots, equipped with all the necessary equipment, the shipment of the purchased batch of sheet metal is carried out on the day of the contract with the client. You can get a preliminary consultation on the selection and purchase on the company's website using the option of contacting the manager.

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