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Services of the company "TSK Region"

The Kirovets tractor is widely used in various agricultural and road construction works. Its operation is advisable for deep loosening of the soil, plowing and cultivation. The K-700 model belongs to the off-road modifications. Therefore, it copes well with the assigned tasks in any conditions. The company "TSK Region" offers to purchase engines for tractors of different models. Link will take you to the company's website, where you can familiarize yourself with the features of the model and the choice of spare parts for it.

Features of the K-700 tractor model

Like any other equipment, the tractor of this model has certain technical characteristics. So, you can pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Travel speed.
  • Engine type.
  • Number of transfers.
  • Axle travel of the attachment.
  • Dimensions.

This is just a small list of parameters to look out for when buying. The indicators of the power train, frame and chassis, attachment system are important. For example, studying the attachment system in Kirovts, it can be noted that a valve-spool type distributor is used here. The rated lifting capacity is 2 tons.

Operation of tractors K-700

The demand for units of this model is associated with high performance. So, in the first place is the ability to operate in various conditions and climatic zones, reliability in operation, simplicity and ease of maintenance. You can also note the high maintainability and long operational period. Thus, this model was applied in various spheres of the national economy.

However, like any equipment, the tractor may fail during long-term operation. If problems slow down working moments, it is necessary to urgently repair the units. The specialists of the "TSK Region" company can not only offer engines for tractors, but also carry out repair work. Thus, your special equipment will be able to work productively in uninterrupted mode again.

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