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Severstal will support events marking the 300th anniversary of the Moscow Synodal Choir

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PJSC Severstal, the general partner of the Moscow Synodal Choir, will support a number of events to mark its 300th anniversary.

The choir was established by decree of Peter the Great in 1721. In honor of the anniversary date of the founding of the collective, a number of important educational projects are planned, including: the opening of an exhibition in the Central State Museum of Contemporary History of Russia on November 1, a large concert of the Synodal Choir in the Zaryadye Concert Hall on November 25, foreign tours in Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Uzbekistan and various cities of Russia .

The Synodal Choir is the oldest professional musical group in Russia, dating back to the 16th century from the Patriarchal Chorister's Choir. The collective has always participated both in the main church services and in important state ceremonies. The choir reached its highest peak at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. During this period, he led an active concert and touring activity, collaborated with such composers as P.I. Tchaikovsky and S.V. Rachmaninoff, and the choir was cared for by the Governor-General of Moscow, Grand Duke S.A. Romanov.

Currently there are 80 singers in the collective. The choir director is the Honored Artist of Russia Alexey Puzakov. In addition to participating in solemn services, the Moscow Synodal Choir performs concert programs in Moscow, Russia and in more than 40 countries around the world, including Great Britain, Germany, USA, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Israel, Armenia, etc. The choir represents Russian culture in many international projects. Thus, the collective was chosen as a partner by the main choir of the Vatican - the Choir of the Papal Musical Sistine Chapel. The Synodal Choir also participates in renowned international festivals: Brucknerfest, the Moscow Easter Festival, the Christmas Festival of Spiritual Music and many others.

The Children's Department of the Ministry of Agriculture (director - Natalia Asmus), the Youth Synodal Choir (director - Mikhail Kotelnikov) ) and the Voce Aima Symphony Orchestra (headed by Alexei Medvedev).

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