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Certified Food Pump Parts

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Certified Food Pump Parts

In the food industry, pumping equipment is widely used for pumping various types of liquid products, including a thick consistency. It is made on the basis of current sanitary regulations from materials that are neutral and do not cause chemical reactions when interacting with perishable products. And if the pumping systems themselves:

  • Produced by manufacturers taking into account all established standards.
  • Being certified.
  • Implemented with security guarantees.

It is quite difficult to acquire spare parts of the appropriate quality for them. The production company "Moltekhsnab komplekt" sells mechanical seals for food pumps of various brands and models from well-known manufacturers. This part (packing, gland) is responsible for the tightness of the equipment and is mandatory for scheduled replacement even before the full depletion of the service life. Quite often, it breaks down prematurely (product leakage is formed) under heavy loads or improper operation.

Key benefits

The company "Moltekhsnab komplekt" offers consumers mechanical seals for food pumping equipment, which can be selected by its brand or name. You can replace ineffective stuffing box packing or graphite cords today with:

  • Seals made of nitrile or fluoroelastomer rubber with pressure spring rings for high tightness.
  • End mechanical devices, consisting of 2 rings, one of which rotates, and the other remains stationary and excludes the flow of the pumped product.

You can get acquainted with the types and technical characteristics of mechanical seals for food pumps using the official website of the Moltekhsnab komplekt company. All product names on the pages of the catalog are in stock and are sold online with the possibility of ordering delivery to the address indicated by the buyer.

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