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Official registration of a trademark

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Official registration of a trademark

The struggle for consumers in a highly competitive market is conducted in a variety of ways. Including with the help of an easily recognizable brand in the form of a symbol or name. At the same time, the popularity of branded products is earned quite hard:

  • Large material resources are spent on advertising.
  • The sale of goods or services is carried out at a specially reduced cost as a marketing move.

And there are many who want to use the "promoted" trademark for personal gain. For example, releasing a similar type of product or offering the same services, but without the cost of advertising, but only using someone else's brand. Eliminate the occurrence of such situations at the legal level will allow registration of a state patent for your trademark.

You can order this service through the official website https://ufa.patentium.ru Patent Law Bureau "PATENTIUM", which will save the entrepreneur (owner) from independent tedious and lengthy passage of this bureaucratic procedure.

How to order the service "Trademark Registration"

So, an entrepreneur needs to come up with, independently or with the help of a professional designer, a trademark for his products or services provided by him. Brand signs are classified according to the design method, they are verbal, volumetric, artistic, sound, combined and even olfactory. The choice is easy to make by applying for a free consultation on the site "PATENTIUM". After selecting the desired option, you should draw up an official contract for its registration and registration of a state patent. Acting on the basis of a contractual relationship, the office staff:

  1. They will conduct an examination of the originality of the trademark and, if necessary, carry out its revision.
  2. Prepare a package of documents necessary for obtaining a patent.
  3. Will represent the client's interests when registering a trademark.

Commercial Patent Law Bureau "PATENTIUM" guarantees to all its clients official registration and issuance of a certificate for the brand trademark used by them in an international format. Such guarantees can be provided by 20 years of experience in this field and more than 7 thousand previously registered trademarks by specialists.

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