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Diesel generators for industrial needs

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Diesel generators for industrial needs

Various production processes imply the so-called continuous non-stop operation of several types of equipment and auxiliary systems at the same time, connected to a single electrical network. A power outage, even for a short time (for example, a power surge and automatic disconnection of fuses, overheating or an emergency) can lead to a disruption in the performance of technological tasks and a stop of the entire production.

As a rule, to avoid such situations, a backup power scheme is used. You can equip it using a diesel generator ( more technical parameters can be found on the TETRA ENGINEERING website), which:

  • Launched instantly and automatically when the main power source is turned off.
  • The required amount of electrical energy is generated with the specified technical parameters.

At the same time, the issue of choosing such backup equipment should be approached taking into account the preliminary engineering calculations. They are carried out by specialists on the basis of data on the specifics of production and the volumes of electricity required for its uninterrupted service.

Selection and delivery of a diesel generator

The cost of diesel generators directly depends on their power parameters. Therefore, the purchase of this type of equipment with the so-called "reserve" (the capacity is several times higher than the need) - implies unnecessary and completely unnecessary material costs. You can choose the best option for a diesel generator fully equipped with everything necessary to operate as a backup source of electrical energy by contacting the specialists of TETRA ENGINEERING. Equipment supplied by the enterprise:

  • Is certified.
  • Fully complies with the declared technical parameters.
  • Has a manufacturer's quality guarantee.

You can get a preliminary consultation and order a calculation for the selection of the required type of diesel generator through the official website of the company. Equipment supplies are carried out on a contractual basis with strict adherence to deadlines. If necessary, customers can use the service of connection and routine maintenance of purchased backup power systems.

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