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Metallic window sills

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Metallic window sills

This type of component, simplest in design, for any type of windows is an important component of the entire window structure as a whole. High-quality metal drips prevent rainwater flowing down the glass from entering the frame base. Moisture accumulated under the frame causes:

  • Wall freezing.
  • Destruction of masonry and plaster.

Therefore, the installation of ebb tides is considered mandatory even in regions with dry and warm climates. Sometimes, lovers of “doing everything around the house with their own hands” make them on their own from scraps of thin sheet steel (tin). At the same time, they spend a lot of energy and personal time on this procedure. And the result of such savings is low quality and completely absent aesthetics of the facade of the building.

Quality window sills at an affordable price

Why “reinvent the wheel” and waste time looking for the necessary material, as well as making an ebb with the help of improvised means. You can purchase a high-quality finished metal ebb at an affordable price online through the MV TRADE store website https://mvtrade.ru/katalog/metallicheskie-otlivy/ in just one click. Ebbs presented in the catalog:

  • Standard length (2000 mm).
  • Classified by their width (100, 140, 160, 250 and 300 mm).
  • Made in two colors (white and brown).
  • Covered with a special compound that excludes the formation of rust and corrosion (no need to paint during operation).

All realized ebbs already have the necessary bends along the perimeter of their plane (made by the manufacturer on special equipment), which allows them to be quickly and easily installed. To do this, it is enough to choose the desired type with a suitable width and cut the workpiece along the length of the window opening with scissors or a metal cutter.

For the convenience of buyers on the website of the company "MV TRADE" provides the possibility of ordering the delivery of purchased ebb tides to the desired specified address. The goods are shipped from the warehouse on the day of purchase. A favorable system of discounts is provided for wholesale buyers and regular customers.

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