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Severstal supported the opening of the exhibition "Leningrad Rock Club in Photos"

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PJSC Severstal supported the opening of the exhibition “Leningrad Rock Club in Photos. To the 40th anniversary. "

The exhibition project of the State Russian Museum, which began with the support of Severstal in 2020, continued with the participation of the company in the Art Museum of the Cherepovets Museum Association.

Collection of" artifacts " The Leningrad rock club is represented in almost one and a half hundred photographs taken, as a rule, in difficult technical conditions: with amateur equipment and real enthusiasts who filmed the seething life of a rock club without hope for official publication of these photos.

The heroes of the photographs are musicians, whose creativity did not fit into the Soviet cultural framework: "Aquarium", "Zoo", "Kino", "Alisa", "DDT", "AuktsYon", "Zero" and, especially significant for Cherepovets, Alexander Bashlachev. Three previously unpublished works of the photographer Vladimir Bystrov were transferred from the archives of the Bashlachev family to the exhibition. The author found several color negatives in his archive 32 years after the shooting.

Among the exhibits are Boris Grebenshchikov's Takamie guitar, which Bashlachev played at the V LRK Festival, a sign "Rubinshteina Street, 13" that once hung on the building rock club, vinyl records.

The project includes prints of Andrey Willie Usov, who created the legendary album covers for Aquarium and Zoo albums, photographs of Dmitry Konradt, Natasha Vasilyeva-Hull and Vladimir who literally got used to the underground atmosphere Bystrov, who, in addition to concerts, filmed the backstage and home life of the musicians, documented the apartment owners. Perky and very personal photographs of Joanna Stingray and Judy Fields show Myrrussian rock in a color so rare for filming at that time.

The Leningrad rock club is one of the symbols of the heyday not only of Russian rock, but of the entire counterculture of the 1980s. During these years, a spiritual and ideological revolution took place, which was reflected in both music and the artistic world. In order to better represent the culture of the Leningrad underground of the 80s, paintings and graphics of artists whose work is in tune with the philosophy of the Rock Club and is closely connected with it were added to the exhibition.

the famous rock bard and poet Alexander Bashlachev, with the support of Severstal, simultaneously with the opening of the exhibition, the traditional rock festival “Time of the Bells” was held, in which real “legends” of Russian rock took part, ”comments the Advisor to the General Director of Sustainable Development at Severstal »Natalia Poppel.

The exhibition will run until December 12, 2021.

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