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Severstal Launches Innovation Search Platform

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Severstal launched the Severstal Ope Iovatio website (http://iovatios.severstal.com/), which is designed to become a tool for working with the company's open innovations. It lists all the ways the company interacts with startups, innovation teams and industry experts, as well as identifies priority areas and specific tasks that need to be solved right now.

The Severstal Ope Iovatio website contains a Challeges section, which is supplemented with relevant tasks from production units " Severstal ". For example, a technology for separating metal dust from sand is being developed, or ways are being sought to highlight pedestrian zones that are resistant to abrasion. Innovative companies will be able to propose their ideas for solving these and other problems or test existing technologies at Severstal's industrial sites. Also, the tasks of the Challeges section can serve as topics for research work. The list of tasks will be constantly updated, and innovative teams will be able to work directly with the experts and specialists of the company.

In addition, on the Severstal Ope Iovatio website, you can apply for the Severstal Vetures corporate fund, get acquainted with the capabilities of the Severstal Technopark and learn about the start the next wave of recruitment to the Steel Tech accelerator or on the requirements for online projects for cooperation with the new division of digital businesses Severstal Digital busiess.

“Severstal is actively attracting innovative ideas and proposals: we have been operating Technopark for about a year now, In spring, the accelerator was launched, Severstal Vetures completed several transactions during the year. New tools have been added to these tools - Challeges and Severstal Digital busiess. Now all of them are conveniently collected on one resource and give an idea of ​​the wide possibilities for interaction with our company. We hope that startups and industry experts will show interest in them, and together we can make metallurgy a more advanced and technologically advanced industry, ”commented Agnes Ritter, CTO and Head of Severstal's Transformation Office.

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