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X-ray machines "MST"

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X-ray machines "MST"

Today, an X-ray is one of the most important methods for diagnosing various diseases and pathologies. They are installed in many medical institutions. If you want to buy an X-ray machine, you can contact MST. On the site https://medsyst.ru/catalog/rentgen-apparaty/ you can place an order for the purchase of such devices, choosing the best solution.

Range of X-ray units

In the catalog of X-ray devices, you can find a wide range of devices that are offered for purchase in various modifications. The catalog is presented in different models for specific goals and objectives. On the company's website, you can choose a solution depending on the following parameters:

  • Brand.
  • Machine type.
  • Country of origin.
  • Number of jobs.
  • Detector type.
  • Type of tube attachment.
  • Type of radiation.

So, models from America, Germany, China are available for ordering. Italy. These are solutions from such well-known manufacturers as IMS, Italray, Siemens, RenMedProm. Their detector type can be either analog or digital. There are solutions for the type of tube attachment - floor or ceiling. In this case, the radiation can be pulsed or constant. The condition of the models is refurbished or brand new. They can have a different type of compression - automatic or manual. The exposure can be automatic, semi-automatic, or manual. Thus, focusing on the parameters, you can purchase the most suitable model of the X-ray machine.

Where to order quality X-ray equipment?

The MST company specializes in supplying high-quality X-ray equipment from the world's leading manufacturers. For each model, a detailed description is provided with an indication of the basic configuration, technical characteristics. You can buy both mobile and stationary devices with different parameters. Each of them performs certain options. So, you can buy models with functions such as an orthopedic or pediatric program, a full body exam, etc. To choose and order, welcome to the catalog.

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