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Severstal will continue decarbonization by creating a "green shield" at CherMK

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PAO Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies, will continue to implement its climate strategy with the Green Shield project at the Cherepovetskogo metallurgical plant (CherMK).

Green Shield is a large-scale greening project CherMK. The company implements it jointly with the Cherepovets State University (ChSU). Scientists have already conducted studies of green spaces growing along the perimeter of the industrial site, bordering the city limits, as well as plantings of territories that separate the main production of the enterprise. The total area of ​​research was about 100 hectares. Dendrologists assessed the number and condition of plants, determined their species composition.

“Today we have a detailed scheme of green spaces at the industrial site, we received recommendations to fill the missing volume of green spaces. The recommendations are aimed at creating an ecosystem that is resistant to external negative influences, including changes in weather and climatic parameters. The plantations will allow to delay dust emissions from the enterprise and reduce the carbon footprint, ”commented Evgeny Vinogradov, General Director of the Severstal Russian Steel Division and resource assets. landing scheme. The implementation of the "Green Shield" project this year will be allocated about 20 million rubles. In total, about 3500 large-sized trees and shrubs will be planted, including 1600 trees. On average, 400 plants will be planted per 1 hectare of industrial area. According to preliminary estimates, the Green Shield will allow deposition of about 8000 tons of dust annually and absorbing about 2,380 tons of carbon.

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