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TOTAL Folia biopolymer-based metalworking fluids are a technological breakthrough in the industry.

Folia is an innovative line of water-based TOTAL biopolymer fluids that do not contain mineral oils and emulsifiers. Designed specifically for the metalworking industry, TOTAL Folia fluids can produce more products at a faster rate, reducing unit costs, extending equipment life and lowering the environmental footprint. The experience of using TOTAL Folia in production has shown an increase in the service life of equipment up to 30% and an increase in productivity up to 12%.

TOTAL Folia fluids provide exceptional performance and better results than previous generations of lubricants and specialty fluids for non-ferrous and heavy metalworking industries. Diluted with water or used neat, they are suitable for a wide range of applications. The use of biopolymer technology for lubricating and cooling properties makes Folia suitable for processing both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The TOTAL Folia line includes 4 series:
• series B - universal greases for metalworking;
• series A - lubricants for aviation metalworking;
• series G - liquids for grinding metal processing;
• F series - specialized molding fluids.

The most popular series - FOLIA B, created on the basis of biopolymers, is used for a wide variety of technical operations: drilling, sawing, turning, broaching, grinding and punching. FOLIA B is widely used by manufacturers of transmission systems, differentials, bearings for the automotive industry, where it has shown significant advantages over conventional metalworking fluids: it does not have a pungent odor, does not emit vapors due to its high cooling properties, does not form a slippery surface when it hits the floor , is consumed sparingly and has less aggressive components in the composition, due to which it has a softer effect on the skin in direct contact and does not require special processing during disposal. In addition, during the operation of the equipment, practically no fog is formed in the working space, which, in turn, allows visual control of the processing of parts.
The technical and operational requirements of the metalworking industry for lubricants and special fluids, including coolants, are constantly growing. The global legislation in the field of health, safety and environmental protection is becoming more and more stringent, stimulating manufacturers to search for environmentally friendly and technological solutions in the manufacture of metalworking fluids. TOTAL Folia products meet all the latest industry standards, including safety and environmental requirements.

“Total offers a wide range of products for all types of metalworking. High-quality lubricants and special fluids of Total are designed to maximize the accuracy of operations, increase the efficiency and safety of work, and extend the service life of equipment and tools, - says Dmitry Kolesnichenko, Head of the Industrial Division of TOTAL VOSTOK. - The Folia line is one of the best developments of Total, which will bring the metalworking process at the enterprise to a qualitatively new level. Folia products have already proven their effectiveness in different countries, and we really want our customers in Russia to also appreciate the benefits of these products.

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