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Pipeline magnetic flaw detectors

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Pipeline magnetic flaw detectors

Modern technologies allow solving the most complex problems that are very difficult to identify visually. Competent in-line diagnostics will allow you to check the communication network without disassembling it. Find damaged pipe sections, and replace them in the future, to restore all the operational characteristics of the pipeline.

What problems does the diagnostics solve?

Any pipeline, even the most reliable at first glance, for transporting liquid or gas can lose its tightness over time. In addition, point damage is not always visible if the pipeline is deep underground or in the shafts of a building. The equipment reveals the following shortcomings:

  • internal delamination of the pipe material;
  • non-metallic layering;
  • standard pipe and weld cracks;
  • reduction in metal thickness due to corrosion;
  • natural, internal and external wear and tear of the pipeline.

The equipment is working fast enough. It not only finds, but also fixes where the damage was recorded in the pipe line. The nature of the defect, and how negatively it affects the subsequent operation of the line. Is there a need for urgent, emergency work to restore the integrity of the pipeline.

Advantages of a magnetic flaw detector

More recently, ultrasonic equipment has dominated the market to detect hidden damage in the integrity of the pipe line. Technologies do not stand still, they are constantly developing. Magnetic flaw detectors have replaced ultrasonic technologies and currently have the following advantages:

  1. The equipment remains operational in any gaseous and liquid environment.
  2. Natural pollution does not affect the quality and accuracy of diagnostics.
  3. Stable response regardless of pipe wall thickness.
  4. The most accurate fixation of defects, their shape and degree of distribution.

The main advantage worth highlighting in a magnetic flaw detector is the speed of operation. The equipment can move inside the pipeline at a fairly high speed, but still have time to find and fix problems.

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