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Order warehouse pallet racks

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Order warehouse pallet racks

Pallet storage of goods is one of the most popular in the world. For this, racks are widely used, which are advisable to use in warehouse conditions. If your task is to buy high-quality frontal pallet racks , you can pay attention to the proposal of the Tserikon steel structures plant. Here you can order high quality racks, depending on the modification and required dimensions.

Choice of front pallet racks

Warehouse racks with a height of 2 to 12 meters are offered to the attention of customers. They can accommodate at least two pallets per tier. You can order storage racks with a height of over 12 meters. To do this, you need to send a request for the development of an individual solution by e-mail. A frame 1000 mm deep is used as standard. If necessary, you can order the manufacture of a frame of a different depth. They are made of high-strength galvanized steel.

The main distinctive features of the racks include high loading capacity, front loading to save space, ease of assembly, and a long operating period. The production of shelving is carried out using high-tech equipment, which ensures the strength of the racks and shelves. Even when used at considerable heights, a reliable tie system is achieved. As a result, the metal structure can be safely operated for a long period.

How to choose the right pallet size?

Pallet racks can be selected depending on the modification. Important selection parameters are:

  • Height.
  • Length.
  • Number of tiers.
  • Load per layer.

Shelving beams are produced with load characteristics such as length, profile, permissible load on a pair of beams.

The site provides a convenient form for choosing pallet racks depending on different parameters. For convenience, you can immediately familiarize yourself with the current cost of the selected modification. After that, you can proceed to checkout.

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