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Classic cast iron park and street benches

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Classic cast iron park and street benches

Despite the wide range of plastic analogs and the annual rise in the cost of metal, traditional park or outdoor cast-iron benches are still in high demand among the administrations of the districts responsible for their improvement. True, in conditions of market competition, the number of their species has increased significantly, as can be seen using the online catalog https://maftop .ru / their supplier, MafTop.ru company.

The main advantages of cast iron benches

The shape and structure of cast-iron benches installed in public places for comfortable rest (in a sitting position) were invented several hundred years ago. They were made from materials (components) available and popular at that time:

  • Cast iron for legs and frame.
  • Smooth wooden board (squared) for the seat and backs.

Traditionally, the legs were molded with rounds and patterned ornaments, which gave the final products a particularly high aesthetic appearance. And the board (timber), installed in the transverse direction, to the legs, was selected especially carefully in terms of dimensional parameters and the absence of defects (knots, chips, curvature). A prerequisite for such benches was their processing from the effects of moisture and weather conditions:

  • Cast iron legs were usually primed and painted black.
  • Wooden parts were treated with special dyes for wood of various colors or even varnish.

Manufacturing technology, design and care of cast iron benches have remained practically unchanged today. Such an attribute is considered "eternal" (especially cast-iron legs) and maintainable (broken wooden parts are easily replaced with new ones).

You can get acquainted with the types and dimensional parameters of modern cast-iron benches using the website of the MafTop.ru company. All the product names presented on it are available and are sold online with the provision of delivery services to the address required by the client.

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