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Traditional metal benches

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Traditional metal benches

Despite the increasing introduction of artificial materials into the everyday life of a modern person, some items are still made in the traditional format. So, plastic armchairs or chairs have long ceased to be a novelty, and despite this metal benches continue to be in demand among utilities for arranging gardens, parks, squares or pedestrian areas. They are often found in yards near the entrances of apartment buildings or in the backyards of summer residents.

What is the advantage of metal benches

Strength and durability, this is the main argument in favor of a construction for get-togethers made of metal. They are not afraid of the vagaries of the weather, wintering under a snowdrift and aggressive actions by hooligans. Of course, they are deprived of that brightness and richness of colors that armchairs or chairs made of plastic have. But, this justifies their purpose, and timely painting makes them no less attractive. So, you can choose a suitable metal bench, framed by a board for a comfortable sitting, according to the following parameters:

  • The presence or absence of a backrest.
  • Overall dimensions (approximate number of seats).
  • Installation format, stationary (the legs are digged in) or with the ability to move.
  • The total weight of the product.

Healthy market competition forces manufacturers to produce benches of a wide variety of shapes and even with elements of forged decoration. All products are supplied ready for use (metal is treated against corrosion, wooden elements are painted). They fully correspond to the declared dimensional parameters and with a margin can withstand the loads indicated in the technical description.

You can familiarize yourself with the models and choose the best option for a metal bench using the official website of the Fazenda company, which directly supplies this type of product from manufacturers. All models presented on the pages of the online catalog are available and sold in online format. The service of ordering delivery to the address indicated by the buyer is provided.

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