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Dismantling services for metal structures

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Dismantling services for metal structures

Often, for the disposal of ferrous scrap metal, it is necessary to carry out high-quality dismantling work. Preliminary dismantling is a whole range of work, from preparing a vehicle for shipment of a batch of scrap and ending with cutting to the required size. All types of services of Uraltelecom-S specialists.

Features of demolition work

Specialists offer high-quality dismantling of any type of complexity. They have their own vehicles to solve problems in a short time. The staff includes experienced employees who know a lot about dismantling works. At the same time, the terms of such work are minimal.

The main features of cooperation include:

  • Free visit of a company specialist to the site for appraisal work and conclusion of a contract.
  • Execution of turnkey works in a timely manner.
  • Obtaining the required package of documents.
  • Dismantling, loading and unloading operations and transportation of metal structures by the company's own vehicles.

Redemption of an object for dismantling is a profitable service

The company's specialists are ready to buy out the structure for the purpose of subsequent dismantling. Such structures include tanks, pipelines, automotive and special equipment, railway cars, hangars, machine tools and others. If you are ready to sell the whole object, it is enough to contact the specialists on the site. They will send a commercial proposal for consideration and agree on all the details.

If you are interested in the question of cost, you can contact the specialists on the site. It depends on a number of basic criteria, including the type of the structure itself, its location, the tasks set, and related services. Experts are ready to carry out all the necessary appraisal work and calculate the final cost of dismantling work. Dismantling of metal structures is carried out in all Russian regions. For a detailed acquaintance with the services of specialists, you can go to the company's website.

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