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Properties of technical ceramics

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Properties of technical ceramics

Today, technical ceramics is popular - it is used in industry, and various household products are made from it. This material has many advantages due to which it is chosen for the production of parts and components. It is better to order such products from the manufacturer, because plant for the production of technical ceramics operates in accordance with modern quality standards. It is equipped with advanced equipment and only the best raw materials are used for manufacturing.

Why choose technical ceramics? - this material can be found almost everywhere on the market today. In this article we will look at the main benefits and highlight the key features of these products.

Material properties

Immediately, we note that when we talk about properties, we are talking about original products that meet the requirements of GOST. It can be obtained only under factory conditions with strict adherence to all parameters. Samples are regularly tested to eliminate the risk of defects.

Technical ceramics are made from zirconium dioxide or alumina oxide, for some samples both of these materials are used. The reaction takes place at high temperatures, after which the workpiece is slowly cooled. During the procedure, all parameters are carefully controlled, including the heating rate.

Products made of technical ceramics have the following properties:

  • wear resistance - high mechanical strength even at high loads;
  • heat resistance - able to withstand heating to critical temperatures;
  • excellent insulation - due to the resistance to electric currents when exposed to them;
  • resistance to aggressive media, including alkaline and acidic compounds;
  • the ability to work in a vacuum environment, which is why such products are used in industry.

Why is it better to contact the manufacturer?

High-quality ceramics can only be made in the factory: sometimes you can find fakes on the market, the reliability of such products is a big question. To eliminate all risks, it is advisable to contact the plant directly, after discussing the terms of the deal with the manager.

In addition to the high quality guarantee, the client gets the opportunity to order almost any component according to individual drawings. These products will meet all the stated requirements and will fit exactly in size, so there will be no difficulties with servicing.

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