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If you have a pack in your pocket OK 46.00

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If you have a pack in your pocket OK 46.00

The one hundred thousandth pack of the legendary OK 46.00 was produced by ESAB in Russia.
OK 46.00 is a unique electrode in its class with high welding and technological characteristics, designed for welding structures made of low-carbon and low-alloy steels. This electrode allows for high-quality welding in all spatial positions, it works ideally when welding with short seams, welding thin-walled products and pipelines to groove. Low no-load voltage and stable arc burning at extremely low currents allows using these electrodes for welding from any type of sources.
On the market, OK 46.00 electrodes are famous for their easy ignition of the arc, self-separation of the slag crust and a smooth welding seam, which makes it possible to get a high-quality weld even for a beginner.
“The OK 46.00 electrode is well known to both professional and amateur welders. You can even call him a legend. That is why you can often come across so-called "analogs", and sometimes even outright counterfeit. The release of the jubilee pack is a great opportunity to remind our customers of how important it is to carefully approach the choice of consumable welding consumables so as not to jeopardize the quality of welding and your health, ”said Dmitry Kuraksa, Managing Director of ESAB in Russia and the CIS.
The OK 46.00 trademark belongs to ESAB and is produced only at the company's factories in St. Petersburg and Tyumen. Today, at its Russian enterprises, along with OK 46.00, ESAB produces more than 30 types of other electrodes, as well as flux-cored and solid wires, and welding fluxes.

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