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Autonomous welding generator

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Autonomous welding generator

Electric welding is often used in the construction, utility and auto repair industries. Such equipment requires an electrical connection, which is not always possible, especially when working in the so-called "field conditions". The best option for solving this problem is an autonomous welding generator, which:

  • Equipped with its own gasoline engine that generates the required amount of electricity.
  • It has compact dimensions and low weight (up to 90 kg for the WAGT 220 DC HSB R26 model).
  • Can generate both direct and alternating current.

The unit is capable of generating currents with a frequency of 50 to 200 Hz, which is quite enough to perform simple one-time tasks or use at the household level. It has a rated power of 6.5 kW, three phases and can operate in 2 voltage supply modes (220 and 380 V).

The main advantages of a gasoline welding generator

The main advantages of welding generators equipped with a gasoline engine include the simplicity of their operation and maintenance. They can generate high starting currents, which is so necessary for the maintenance of welding equipment. During operation, they create less noise, unlike diesel models, and without overheating, they work quietly for 1-2 hours. Gasoline welding generators are perfect as mobile equipment when equipping emergency crews with inventory and for repair and restoration work in hard-to-reach areas.

You can get more complete information and get acquainted with the technical characteristics of a gasoline welding generator using the Internet resource of SV Technology LLC, which supplies them from enterprises of well-known manufacturers to the domestic market. The model WAGT 220 DC HSB R26 produced by AGT (Romania) presented in the catalog is available at the supplier's warehouse. To get advice on making a purchase, the site provides an option to contact the manager.

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