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How, where and for what can you buy wholesale cigarettes?

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How, where and for what can you buy wholesale cigarettes?

The cost of cigarettes is growing steadily year after year, so more and more buyers are looking for an opportunity to buy Ukraine wholesale cigarettes price.

How to increase the attractiveness of tobacco products?

To make cigarettes more interesting to the population, manufacturers use the following tricks:

  • Aromatic and flavoring additives reduce the unpleasant sensations of inhaling tobacco smoke. In many countries, such cigarettes are completely banned;
  • Nice pack design. Another way is packaging design - some tobacco products are so good that it's hard to walk past them;
  • Use of well-known images for advertising. Often, young people are attracted by the use of familiar animation images.

Of course, classic advertising strategies also apply.

Bulk shopping benefits

Order Marshall cigarettes or any other from a wholesale supplier means choosing the most convenient and budgetary option that will be of interest to both business owners and retail buyers.

  • Small wholesale. Modern wholesale purchases are not necessarily large. You can order wholesale cigarettes from just one box containing 500 packs of cigarettes. This is a relevant offer for owners of small outlets, as well as retail buyers - for a company of 5-10 people it will be inexpensive and cost-effective;
  • Reasonable price. For owners of tobacco outlets, wholesale purchases are the only opportunity to purchase goods at a favorable cost and sell them. Retail shoppers can also appreciate it thanks to small wholesale;
  • Flexible delivery and payment options. Now you can arrange delivery and payment for the goods as you like - to the branch or by courier to your home, office, with payment to the account, card or upon receipt;
  • High quality of goods. Wholesalers allow you to buy cigarettes from the factory, which means there is no doubt about their quality;
  • Huge assortment of products. From wholesalers you can pick up both popular brands of cigarettes, for example, Marshal, LD, Rotmans, and less famous ones - Nero, Arizona, Yurt, Brut.

Cigarettes by strength

You can choose strong cigarettes (high in tar and nicotine), medium and light. Light cigarettes may seem safer, but in fact, while using them, you need to inhale the smoke much deeper in order to feel full and enjoy smoking.

Assortment of cigarettes

"CigarOpt" offers you to buy the following brands of cigarettes:

  • Rotmans is a classic brand for fans of strong and medium-strength cigarettes;
  • Arizona - thin cigarettes that are suitable for fans of rare smoking;
  • Palermo - high-quality Ukrainian cigarettes with a bright taste and medium strength;
  • Ritm - rich taste, quality tobacco and low price make this brand attractive.

How to make a bulk order

You just need to place the selected goods in the basket, select delivery ("New mail" or "Delivery"), payment (to the account, card or upon receipt), and then wait for a call from the manager. You can also make an order by phone +38 (097) 064 83 98. The support service works around the clock, and the CigarOpt store has a telegram channel t.me/cigaropt.

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