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Ball valves with electric drive

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Ball valves with electric drive

Regardless of their purpose and throughput, pipelines are equipped with various types of shutoff valves. Quite often, ball valves are used for these purposes, which:

  • Designed to completely close or open the line when the working fluid moves along it.
  • Not used to adjust the bandwidth of the backbone (partial, not full overlap).

Taking into account the specifics of the design, ball valves in most cases are used as fittings to shut off the flow in case of emergencies, for urgent, scheduled, scheduled maintenance or maintenance of the main line. Taking into account the fact that their manual use for their intended purpose may be difficult, it is recommended to install a ball valve with an electric drive of the UKSPAR trademark on the website " rel="external noopener">ukspar.ua - the manufacturer's models of such drives are presented with a detailed technical description. The use of an electric drive allows you to easily open /close the tap even if:

  • Its swivel mechanisms "got stuck" due to a long absence of operation or use in an aggressive (viscous, polluted) environment.
  • It is installed in a place that is difficult to reach by manually turning the lever.

The drive mechanism, installed in a sealed housing, operates with the help of a power unit (motor) connected to the electrical network. The device can be installed not only on ball valves, but also on commonly used butterfly valves.

Selection, checkout and delivery order

To select the desired model of the electric drive, the customer needs to determine the exact dimensional parameters and type of shut-off valves that require this device to be equipped. Having the parameters of ball valves or dampers available, you can use the online catalog of the developer and manufacturer of the UKSPAR company. It should be borne in mind that only a professional specialist can make the right independent choice. If the customer does not have the necessary experience and knowledge, it is best for him to use the advice of an enterprise technologist (provided free of charge). You can get it:

  • By calling (the numbers are listed on the main page of the official website).
  • In the format of a "question-answer" chat directly on the Internet resource (pre-registration is not required).

In any case, the client will receive answers to his questions and prompt assistance in choosing the optimally suitable electric drive model, taking into account the parameters of the shutoff valves provided to him. Making a purchase and ordering delivery to the specified address are carried out online. All purchased equipment is provided with a long-term guarantee of quality and reliability.

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