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Energy Saving Electric Water Heaters

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Energy Saving Electric Water Heaters

Tariffs for centralized hot water supply have grown to such a level that owners of industrial, commercial, public and even municipal buildings are increasingly refusing this service, switching to autonomous provision. And the main question is where and how buy an electric :

  • Optimally satisfy all existing needs.
  • Consumes a minimum amount of electricity.
  • Will be easy to install and maintain.
  • Affordable for consumers and compact installation dimensions.

The energy-saving water-heating boiler of the latest generation, developed and mass-produced at the domestic enterprise "Industrial Company" in Biysk, will allow to solve all the above problems. This is what makes up the reliability, efficiency and low cost of this type of water heater.

Design diagram

There are no classic heating elements in this type of efficient water heating boiler equipment. They contain an electrode electrolysis circuit, which works according to the following principle:

  1. The electrodes are placed in a tank (container) with a heated working fluid (water).
  2. Heat is generated by current flowing through their outer winding.
  3. Direct heat generates an eddy current, the conductor of which is the heated liquid.

Heat loss when using this principle (heating the container or tank itself) is no more than 1% (99% efficiency). According to this principle, it is possible not only to heat water to the specified temperature parameters, but also to produce dry steam to perform certain production tasks. An additional advantage is the possibility of making the unit in more compact dimensions and reducing maintenance costs (replacement or cleaning of heating elements is not required).

You can get more complete information about the types and technical characteristics of energy-saving electric boilers using the Industrial Company LLC website. All models presented on the pages of the catalog have passed the appropriate test, fully comply with the parameters of fire, electrical and general safety, and have a long-term quality guarantee.

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