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Industrial water heaters "Nevsky"

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Industrial water heaters "Nevsky"

At various industrial enterprises, as well as in public buildings and institutions, hot water must be supplied in an uninterrupted mode. This function is entirely assigned to instantaneous industrial water heaters, which are effectively used for hot water supply. The company "Nevsky" offers to purchase solutions for operation at any enterprise. The site contains catalog of industrial water heaters , allowing you to select optimal model.

Selection of industrial water heaters

You can find an overview of the models on the website in the catalog. Here you can find out the main technical parameters and find out the areas of application. Depending on the basic parameters of the selection, you can purchase a model for catering establishments (restaurants, canteens, cafes), as well as for hotels, fitness centers, factories, production workshops and medical institutions.

Parameters of selection of storage water heater "Nevsky"

The main criteria for choosing a model are the maximum volume, dimensions, power, type of performance and material of manufacture. Thus, water heating units can hold up to 10,000 liters of water. The maximum power can be up to 300 kW. Models can be produced in vertical or horizontal design. The main material of manufacture is stainless or carbon steel.

After reviewing the current offers and parameters of each model, you can choose an industrial water heater of the "Nevsky" brand for your own needs.

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