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Classification of the range of rolled aluminum

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Classification of the range of rolled aluminum

Despite the regularly increasing cost of products made using aluminum alloys and the introduction of artificial materials with similar properties, it still remains in demand in a wide variety of industrial areas. This explains the wide choice of assortment, which is presented on the pages of the online catalog (official source list of manufactured products) Novosverdlovsk Metallurgical Company.

Main types of products manufactured at the enterprise

Taking into account the existing production capacities and modern high-tech equipment, the Novosverdlovsk Metallurgical Company produces rolled metal from aluminum alloys corresponding to the grades D16T, AD31T1 and AMG5. The main types of products that are in the greatest demand among customers and large suppliers include:

  • Aluminum rolled sheets are manufactured using various technologies depending on the type - hot rolling, casting from alloys with various sheet surface formats (smooth, corrugated).
  • Tube products with a wide variety of cross-sectional configurations - a seamless round aluminum tube is used in auto, machine tool and aircraft construction, and a square profile is used in construction and furniture production.
  • Sectioned aluminum rolled metal - circles, tape, strips, bars and squares are used as blanks for further processing and obtaining final parts according to specified parameters.

The company has also actively mastered the technology of production and mass production of the so-called shaped aluminum rolled products. According to the size of customers or the parameters of the current GOST, an angle, channel, beams and other popular fittings are made.

You can get acquainted with various types of rolled aluminum produced by Novosverdlovsk Metallurgical Company using its official website. The order of the necessary items in any volume is carried out through the "Sales Department" section in an online format. For customers, there is a convenient form of payment, a flexible system of discounts and the ability to order delivery to a specified address.

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