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Stainless steel supplies

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Stainless steel supplies

Stainless steel is in high demand in various industries. If you need to purchase a wide range of stainless steel, you can contact the specialists of the company "Special Metallurgy". On the site https://spb.specstali.ru/catalog/Nerzhavejuschie_korrozionnostojkie_stali/ stainless steel of special grades is presented. Products are supplied at affordable prices with delivery.

Features of choosing stainless steel

Metals corrode for many reasons. First of all, this is the effect of the atmosphere, friction, contact with the ground. To prevent corrosion, steels and alloys are alloyed with special additives - chromium, nickel, titanium and others. This gives steel and its alloys anti-corrosion properties.

Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion. It does not rust even under the influence of precipitation, under the influence of alkali and acid. At the same time, corrosion resistance is manifested both when used indoors and in aggressive environments.

Types of stainless steel

  • With chromium content.
  • Chromium and nickel.
  • With a high percentage of chromium, nickel and manganese.

Stainless steel must have high heat resistance and the ability to resist gas or steam. Due to this composition, stainless steel is widely used in mechanical engineering, chemical and food industries, as well as in the electric power industry.

Where to buy quality stainless steel?

By contacting the specialists of the Special Metallurgy company, you can arrange the purchase of stainless steel of rare steel grades. Rolled products of the following assortment are available for order: stainless steel sheet, plate, circle, square, hexagon, strip, wire and others. You can also order stainless steel pipes in any volume. For more information on the pricing policy, please visit the website. If necessary, a batch of stainless steel can be issued with delivery across Russian regions. You can order the manufacture of parts individually. To order, you can contact the company's website.

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