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Acceptance of copper cable scrap in insulation

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Acceptance of copper cable scrap in insulation

In the course of planned or emergency work on the repair of power lines, remnants of scrap cable may remain. Residents of Kiev can hand it over to a company that accepts scrap and get a solid reward. If you have leftover cable scrap, you can earn on its delivery. Turning to the specialists of the company "Waste.kiev", you can hand over cable scrap on favorable terms. Here accept insulated copper cable in any volumes. If you want to make a good deal, welcome to the company's website.

Approximate standards required for scrap cable delivery

As you know, conductive cores contain a certain amount of copper and aluminum. These materials are valuable for the delivery of scrap metal. Their estimated value is many times higher than ferrous metals. Therefore, you can hand over copper cable scrap and earn good money. It all depends on the batch to be handed over, as well as on the amount of third-party impurities.

According to current standards, certain types of cable scrap are accepted at collection points. So, if there is a certain batch of cable remnants, you can contact the delivery point. It is only important that the percentage of aluminum in it is at least 85%. The percentage of blockage in this case should not exceed 15%. Often, price lists indicate the cost of non-ferrous metal without taking into account third-party impurities. It is determined after the analysis of the selected samples. The exact price will be set after determining all the key points for compliance with the standards.

Where is the best place to sell cable scrap?

If you have a batch of cable copper or aluminum scrap, you can contact the Waste.Kiev company. Here you can hand over scrap in any quantity after spent computer or telephone communications. It is taken in pieces or twisted into a bay. More information about the types of scrap and the cost can be found on the website. The company's specialists will promptly accept scrap, will announce the estimated cost. To clarify the details of cooperation, you can contact the site.

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